Instagram Close Friends Family

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Get added to my Instagram close friends 

You'll have access to my Private Instagram account where I'll share videos & photos that won't be shared with the public. The list of topics that will be shared will range from Personal life, Parties, Travel, Sports Bets, behind the scenes of building and maintaining different brands, sharing my thoughts about specific crypto coins and stocks, watch list, entry points, & more.

Please follow the Instructions below/ Read attached documents (SELECT THE "VIEW CONTENT" TAB IN EMAIL CONFIRMATION TO VIEW ATTACHED DOCUMENTS):

-Before checkout is complete, verify that your email is correct (as this is the email that your email confirmation will be sent to).

- Once your payment is complete, please respond to your email confirmation (the one that says "you're subscribed to close friends & family") with your IG handle and submit a follow request to the private page. The private account to follow is disclosed when you select "VIEW CONTENT" from your email confirmation. Please Double check that your IG handle is correct.

-If you didn't receive an email confirmation, check your spam. If not there, then send an email to for further assistance. Please DO NOT send a DM, or COMMENT on a post in regards to being added to my close friends.

- Please understand that each person who signs up is manually verified and added by my assistant, so do not stress if you don't have immediate access as it takes time to get through emails and accept each person. If you are not added within 3-5 business days then please contact via EMAIL not DM. If you send multiple emails, that only creates more work and will take you out of priority. 

-This is a subscription, so payments are recurring unless you cancel, which can be done at anytime, however please make sure your selected payment option is one that can be charged monthly

-There are NO REFUNDS, so if you choose to cancel before the month end of your billing cycle you will not get your money back. Please note that once you cancel, you will lose access on that day or shortly thereafter

Cancellations/ Updating Payment:

-To cancel you can email or there's an option to cancel from your charge receipt. Also you can go to your gumroad library to manage your subscription.

-To update your payment information, if you have a gumroad account you can go to the billing section of your account settings. Any issues doing so, contact

***This is not associated with wealth sqaud or any of my courses, purchase of either of those does not give you automatic access to my close friends***

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Instagram Close Friends Family

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